Elevator Lab Bootcamp

powered by Raiffeisen Bank Romania and TechHub Bucharest

Elevator Lab Bootcamp is an educational program aimed at helping aspiring entrepreneurs understand what it takes to build a fintech startup and how they can turn their fintech startup idea into an MVP (minimum viable product).

The Bootcamp is part of the largest corporate fintech partnership program in Central and Eastern Europe, Elevator Lab, created by Raiffeisen Bank International.

Future founders or teams in their first stage of development will receive a quick intro into the startup world from experienced mentors who are actual startup founders.

Apply until 6 May and get access to a crash course into the startup world.

»Application phase closed on 6 May 2019


  • Your key benefits

    • Future MVP: Validate your fintech startup idea and be ready to launch your MVP
    • Learning Experience: Find out what it takes to be an entrepreneur from startup founders who have been in your shoes
    • Build your network: Connect with the tech community, learn from like-minded people and get access to business partners
  • Prize

    On top of the valuable learning experience that will help you fast start your entrepreneurial journey you can also win:


We are looking for aspiring tech entrepreneurs and financial services professionals with a fintech startup idea.

You can either apply as a single founder with at least 6 months of experience in the financial services or you can apply as a team, where at least 1 member has the above-mentioned expertise.

Your startup idea must be included in one of the following areas:

  • Retail Banking

    • Next generation branch
    • Loyalty platforms
    • Insurtech
    • Wealth Management
    • Smart Payments
    • Digital Lending

  • Corporate Banking

    • Corporate Lending
    • Corporate Payments
    • Factoring
    • Trade Finance
    • eDocument solutions

  • Capital Markets

    • Mobile Trading
    • e-Financial Coach (Roboadvisors)
    • Platform Solution for Investment Banking
    • Fund Brokerage platforms

  • Other Banking Solutions

    • Cybersecurity
    • RegTech
    • KYC
    • Financial Education Tools

ELEVATOR LAB Bootcamp Mentors

The mentors you will interact with are all experienced startup founders who have been in your shoes.

  • Shane Freeman
    Shane will get you through all the stages of a startup’s life, including the team building.

  • Mircea Vadan
    Mircea will show you how you can decide if an idea worth investing more time and resources or not and how to create your buyer persona.

  • Alexandra Anghel
    Alexandra will share her experience of building a startup team.

  • Mircea Capatina
    Smart Bill
    Mircea will talk about their experience of building a startup from scratch.

  • Oliver Auerbach
    Gloria Food
    Oliver will talk about their experience of building a startup from scratch.

  • Adina Visan
    Alexandra will share her experience of building a startup team.

  • Tudor Stanciu
    Digital 2 Law
    Tudor will guide you through the legal aspects of building a startup.

  • George Dita
    A business is not a business without customers, and George will tell you how the acquisition is made and what are the customer lifecycle stages.

  • Mihai Anghel
    Mihai knows how the business development in a startup works and will talk to you about this.

  • Ciprian Borodescu
    Ciprian will help you get your pitch deck done and will tell you how to act like a be a rockstar when telling your story.

  • Cristian Munteanu
    Early Game Ventures
    Cristian is going to talk about how to approach an investor.

  • Daniel Nicolescu
    Daniel will share his experience of building a fintech startup in Romania.


Your crash course into the fintech startup world.
Apply between April 8th – May 6th and on the 13th of May you will find out if you are part of the Elevator Lab Bootcamp:


Mai 17

Friday, May 17

» Case Study: Meeting with successful entrepreneurs
Evening talk with Mircea Capatina (SmartBill) & Oliver Auerbach (Gloria Food)

Mai 18

Saturday, May 18

» Workshop: Startup Framework
The startup world has its own rules. Learn the basics from Shane Freeman (okapi) & Ciprian Borodescu (MorphL) in a half day workshop

» Workshop: Building teams for startups
Find out how to build an efficient startup team from Shane Freeman (okapi) in a half day workshop

Mai 19

Sunday, May 19

» Workshop: Idea validation workshop
Validate your fintech startup idea with Mircea Vadan (Activize) in an all day workshop

Mai 30

Thursday, May 30

» Co-Founder dating
Find your future co-founder at a Startup Matchmaking Event

Jun 07

Friday, June 7

» Workshop / Presentation: Startup legal mechanics
Go through the legal aspects of building a startup with Tudor Stanciu (Co-founder & Independent Lawyer) in an evening workshop.

Jun 08

Saturday, June 8

» Workshop: Customer acquisition for startups
Find out how to acquire, keep and grow your customers with George Dita (WiseUp) in a half day workshop
» Workshop: Business Development for startups
Learn how to grow your business with Mihai Anghel (Gloria Food) in a half day workshop

Jun 09

Sunday, June 9

» Workshop: How to pitch, storytelling, preparing a pitch deck
Pitching is going to be an important part of your startup activity. Learn how to sell it in a full day workshop with Ciprian Borodescu (MorphL), Mircea Vadan (Activize) & Daniel Dragomir (TechHub Bucharest)
» Case Study: Meeting with successful entrepreneurs

Jun 12

Wednesday, June 12

» Friendly Demo Night
Your idea has been validated and is now close to an MPV. Present it to the Jury and you could win a ticket to the Digital Entrepreneurship Summer Program 2019 in Vienna

ELEVATOR LAB Bootcamp Jury

A mixed jury formed of Raiffeisen Bank professionals and TechHub Community representatives will select the ideas entering the Bootcamp and will decide the Bootcamp winners.

  • Vlad Stanilescu
    Chief Digital Officer,
    Raiffeisen Bank Romania

  • Eliza Gheorghe
    Head of PI Segments,
    Raiffeisen Bank Romania

  • Mihai Lazar
    Manager Capital Markets,
    Raiffeisen Bank Romania

  • Alin Neacsu
    Corporate Banking Director,
    Raiffeisen Bank Romania

  • Ciprian Borodescu

  • Daniel Dragomir
    TechHub Bucharest

  • Liviu Cadariu
    Event Manager,
    TechHub Bucharest

  • Istvan Kovacs
    Fintech Partnerships Manager,
    Raiffeisen Bank International AG

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